Quickly simplify the layout (cleanup add-on)

Hello, everyone! I’m proud to share a plugin here (cleanup add-on). I didn’t create this, someone else did, and I just modified a small part of it. This can quickly simplify the layout or component, while exporting files such as FBX are getting smaller. I share this so that you can simplify the layout and components, and I also welcome you to try to modify the code for a better simplified experience. Meanwhile, thanks again to the author of this plugin. If he thinks my sharing is not appropriate, I will also delete it as soon as possible.

At the same time, I also welcome everyone to develop to simplify the VC layout and components, and experience better VC use.

Cleanup(1).zip (136.0 KB)


Neat addon, thanks for sharing!

Can you add some example of how to use this? I tried and got some messages in the output about nice simplification numbers, but the geometries still did not update.

I just saw this message. sorry! For example, include:Whole layout, Target Medium 50%, click Simplify, then you can save a new layout and see that the file is smaller. The differences vary and may require separate parameters in python, which are not 100% effective in all cases. You can try it.