Questions about installation of VCLicense server 2.1.0 - ports ...

I am installing VcLicense server 2.1.0 on a Windows Server 2022. The license server will serve client PCs that have Delfoi Robotics 4.4 software installed.

The Windows server does not have access to the internet. Is it a requirement that the Windows server must have online access to the global Visual Components license server? Or can one activate the network license server manually?

Can anyone point me to a document with an overview of which ports the Visual Components License Server Manager uses to communicate with clients? Which ports in the firewall do I need to open? Have understood it so far, that the clients contact the network license server on port 5093.

Does the client PC have to be in constant contact with the network server in order to use the software on the client PC?
Or can the client PC rent a network license for a given period of time? If so, what is the maximum time a client PC can borrow the network license, before he has to renew the license again?


The documentation of the license server manager can be somewhat hidden, you can find it from Visual components home page (not the forum or academy) Products > Installers and then scroll down for license server manager download. The documentation is right above the download.