question:Executor: vcHelperJointMove:

I used feed and need task to move the part, but the GenericRobot #4 would make the following error at 0:01:56, this point was created automatically, I cannot change it, I hope to get your help. Thank you!

GenericRobot #4::GenericRobot #4::Executor: vcHelperJointMove: P1: Position is out of reach of the robot.2robots.vcmx (5.3 MB)


I think there’s a bug in your ChangeID task. You try to change ID 111 to 222 but prod has ID 11. So it remains unchanged and as result robot tries to feed product back to the other side of turn table which has need for 11. Fix ChangeID tasks and it should work.


Great ,thank you .I do that.It’s OK!