Qimarox Lift Ports

Hi all,

I am quite new to visual components and I am having an issue with one of the components from the library - the Qimarox prorunner mk1 lift.

I am having issue with setting up ports for interacting with conveyors. One side (SideA_PortPlaces) works perfectly fine whereas the other (SideB_PortPlaces) seems strange.

The software allows me to create the ports on side B which will snap to conveyors automatically using P&P however upon clicking ShowPortNames nothing is shown next to the yellow arrows and I cannot manipulate the infeed/outfeed in the routing rule tab (even though ports appear in the drop down menu)

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Hi @andrzejmam1
Looks like there was an error in the script that generates the port names, and this caused only one name to be displayed on B-side. This should soon be fixed.

Could you describe the issue with the routing rule in more detail? I did a quick test, and I could change the routing rule settings to my needs.

Make sure that you check the Academy lesson about routing rule in case you need to refresh your memory: Define Routing Rules and Routes | Visual Components Academy

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Hi @Este,

Thank you for your help, I just checked again and I was able to change routing rules of the ports on side B. I was confused because the names of the ports were not showing up hence assuming that I had no control over them.

I should have exhausted all options before posting here but thank you anyway!