Q: Change the part with another during simulation


how can i change the part from one to another in a Press machine with robot in front of it for example !

the robot will place a part in the mold then the press will execute its stroke
the part will be changed and has a new shape

i am wondering how can i do that throug VisualComponents ?!
first part disappear , new part replaced instead .

thanks in advance …



A couple different ways. One is to use the Works library. One works process is attached to machine and receives a part from robot. After calling MachineProcess task, part is remove and the new one is created.

Another way is to use a Python Script to remove the old part and make the new part.

Another way is to use a Component Creator and Component Container along with a Python Script and Signal. When the machine does its thing, trigger signal and script removes the part and creator makes the new part which is put in container.

There are a lot more ways, just depends on how comfortable you are with the software.

Hello everyone!

I’m struggling with the same issue.

I’m working on an application where a bag is handled and it changes shape many times during the simulation. I’m using a Python Script to activate multiple Component Creators for each shape upon receiving a signal.

An example of the code used for creation:

while True:
triggerCondition(lambda: getTrigger() == signal and signal.Value == True)

if signal.Value==True:
print (“Open the bag”)

Right now I “delete” previous shapes by releasing them into nothingness (Gravity Detection set to 1), but what I’d like to do is to remove the previous bag from the 3d-world with a python script right before creating the next one.

@Zesty, you mentioned there’s a way to remove an old part with python script, could you please provide an example?

I’m using KUKA.Sim Pro version 3.0.4, but so far everything I’ve found on this forum has pretty much worked!

Thanks in advance for any help!