Python on Level 2

I am using the Visual Components - Octopuz level 2. and I would like to access to the built in python editor in the software but the level 2, does not seem to have it… Is there a way for me to use python to optimize the simulation?
i am pretty beginner in VC

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I think you’ll need to ask Octopuz technical support or sales for what is included in each of their products.

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Thanks for the prompts response.

Would it be possible for users of the Visual Components Professional plan to utilize Python within the program? I kindly inquire about this feature, as it may influence my decision to potentially switch to this plan when it comes time to renew my license in the future.

Yes, VC Professional has full component modeling functionality including Python scripting which can be done with the internal editor. Using an external Python editor is also possible, but has some limitations.

However, Python commands that extend the application itself need to be written using external editor, and I think those might work even in VC Essentials.

You could ask VC sales for a trial license and see if it suits your needs.

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Thank you immeasurably.
I will make sure to do so.