Python module xlrd

Hi, in version 2014 I use the python module xlrd to import MS Excel workbooks. Therefor I have insert the module data in the site-packages folder. I did the same with Visual Components Premium 4.0. But when testing an import, I get the attached error message.



Does the following work?

  1. Select Python Script behavior.
  2. In Properties panel, select CompatibilityMode check box.
  3. Try to do what you wanted to do again.
  4. Save the component, and then reload the component in layout.
If it does work, it is only short-term solution.

Hello Ralle,

I checked the issue, xlrd library has issues to open .xlsx files in since some external dlls are not contained, yet in Alpha.

I checked with .xls files and that has no problem to open.

I will add the issue to the bug queue.

Hello, the problem also appears when I try to import a xml-file using xml.dom.minidom to parse the string.



Hello Ralle,

Both issues refer to the same missing library “expat”, which is used for handling xml files.



Hello again Ralle,

The issue with the xlrd library and others have been fixed. You can check it out on the latest Beta.