Python installation update

Hello, i would like to use from math library function comb but after running code i get:
AttributeError: module ‘math’ has no attribute ‘comb’

As i found out, i need newer version (Python 3.8 at least). Is there an option for me to update it?
As i run my function in PyCharm and it worked fine, now i need to just copy it into my python script


VC currently supports just the latest Python 2.7.x - Version (Python 2.7.18)


Also keep in mind that VC is running stackless Python. This makes a variety of functions you are used to to not work. E.g. multi threading and non blocking socket communication.

So the solution is just to copy data from already computed program in viable python and then paste it to my program in VC?

you need to create code that runs in python 2.7.x. If you have a very special use case that doesn´t support this, you can try to calculate outside of VC and import the data via a .csv or via socket communication (.net works better than python, but python works out aswell). You find some other discussions about the communication aspects of VC in the forum