Python API: Get robot values from path

I am trying to write a “check path” function for external axies in the python API but i am struggelig to access the values along the created path.

What i want to do is to get the values for the external axies along a generated path and compare each of them to its neighours. If the difference between their values is above some threshold I will do some adjustment to the values.

I have the vcSchemaPositionFrame objects with make up the generated path. Each of these have a vcMatrix object which I assume contains the actual position values, however, I cant seem to isolate the external axies here. In the vcPositionFrame object there is a simple ExternalJointsValue property i could use, but there does not seem to be this option with the SchemaPositonFrame.

any ideas would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I found somwhere in the Documentation that the SchemaPositionFrame object has a property .E1…En, which has teh value for the external axies. So for me its E1 and E2 since I have two. I am pretty sure this solves my problem.

Weird how you usually find what you are looking for right after asking for help :slight_smile:

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