Pusher not working properly

I am having trouble with making the pusher component work. The pallet comes from the right side and just passes the sensor on the pusher without activating it. How would i make it work properly? Ive tried changing the “PushTo” setting and also the “ExitConveyorAngle” and nothing helped.
Edit: ive also tried detaching the pusher from the conveyor, thats why it is not attached in the photo. Otherwise the pusher is attached.

Looks like the PnP interface is not connected to the conveyor. It’s shown as a yellow triangle. Both interfaces (triangles) should be green, indicating the interface is connected.
Try wiggling the pusher around with the PnP tool to ensure both interfaces connect to the conveyors.

for some reason the pusher will not PnP to the right conveyor no matter what i try. It always seems to only want to connect to the left one. Ive tried hiding the left conveyor and still the pusher does not want to plug in to the right one

Can the pusher not Plug in to the end of the conveyor?

If you connect the right triangle correctly, there will be a new tab “ComponentPathSensor”
This allows the pusher to slide freely on the conveyor.
Here is the sample file. For you to check the difference.

Pusher demo.vcmx (271.9 KB)