Pusher conveyor


I am trying to use the pusher to push more than one item for example 4 boxes next to each other, but I can not do that I looked everywhere in the parameter, and python code still can not push 4 items.

Thanks for your help.

Hello. You have couple options. One is that You first bundle those components to one component and then push it. Second option is to change the script (so that script waits until conveyor has 4 parts in it). Third option is to use physics.

First option is the easiest, others require some coding.

Hope this helps. Let us know if You want more detailed example. Also if You can provide example layout what You want to achieve, it would help.


If it’s possible, could you explain how to change the script in non physical pusher?
Thank you!

The PusherProcess (in category: conveyor utilities) has a property “PushAmount”…
use this component.