Pusher Conveyor Question


I have downloaded a Pusher Conveyor Model from Visual Components.

I am trying to push a box but unfortunately with no success.

What value am I supposed to enter in the PushThese field?

I tried to enter the VCID of the component in the format


but with no success.

The boxes are created by a component creator and then they flow on a conveyor attached to the component creator. Then the pusher conveyor is attached.

This is the layout:

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Hey, PushThese field is a value of ProdID field in feeder components like Basic Feeder. It is a dynamic component’s ProdID. By default the value is 111 and that works with any component you feed into simulation. Hope this helps.


Hi, thank you for your answer.

Actually, the component I have in the component creator is custom made block and saved as a component.

Could this be the problem?

How can I find out this ProdID?

And one more question, can I activate the pusher conveyor by an output from the robot?

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If you use Basic Feeder with custom component it still works. If you use custom feeder component aswell (I believe that blue block?), you have to write some logic in python. Check Basic Feeder component for reference but basically it is done like this:

  1. Add string property “ProdID” to creator component.
  2. Create parts using python script and assign ProdID property to created parts.

I think the Pusher Conveyor checks for dynamic component’s ProdID property.

Regarding your last question. Yes, you can activate it using robot’s output signal but I am not sure what the easiest way is. If you know how to write python scripts then you can do it this way.
Hope this helps, if not let me know.