PtP Motion with human (Anna)


I want to do a simple Point-to-Point Motion with the Annas Hand/Arm (human from Resource Models). So I upgraded her RSL executors and tried to add PtP-Motion Statements to the Main- Sequence of her RightHandExecutor. But when I start the simulation, she won’t move and I get this output:

Traceback (most recent call last): File "Anna::Brain", line 713, in OnReset File "Anna::Brain", line 229, in reset ReferenceError: Object no longer exists
Can someone help me?

Also: with the update of the RSL executor there came unchangeable Points above the head of the human, and I don’t know why.


Anna and Otto require a general upgrade to version 4.0. As you already have seen it isn’t enough to only upgrading the executors. All scripts in Anna or Otto are still refering to the old executors of version 2014. But also the teached positions for walking, picking, placing, … are unreachable points after upgrading the executors and these positions can’t be corrected easily by the UI (At the moment you can only rework the Bases of the first RobotController and Anna and Otto have multiple RobotControllers.)

So I wonder why Visual Components is still providing Anna and Otto in there 4.0 web catalog because they really don’t work. I would propose to you to use the WorkHuman until there is an official upgrade of Anna or Otto.




Thanks for the reply,

I only got the “Works Human v3 (Anna)” in my model library, that can be used with the general “works library”. It/She doesn’t come with any controllers or executors and if i give her some and try to program some poses, it/she won’t perform them… without any output.

Do you or someone maybe got a working scene with a human in it or a working human model?

regards lumb3rjack


WorksHuman v3( Anna ) uses lists of axis values for servo movements to execute the process animation and all the animation logic is located in the script ‘Animation’. So without extension of the component logics there is no possibility to add individual animations.

But please take a look to attached component and layout. I did a little extension on the WorksHuman. Now the WorksHuman has a several property tab ‘CustomMoves’. Here you can add or remove additional animation sequences using the buttons. As reference you have to insert a sequence name. To add a new pose you simply have to use Interact to bring the WorksHuman in a new position (e.g. dragging the left hand) and then clicking the AddPose button. A new positure will be saved in the sequence. The MoveTime property defines the time period for the movement.

To run the sequence you have to execute the task HumanProcess with a Works Process. Before calling the task you have to use the WriteProperty task to set the value of ProcessAnimation property of WorksHuman to the custom sequence name of the sequence that have to be executed.

Hope this helps.





WorksHumanV3_ext.vcmx (2.42 MB)

WorksCustomHumanProcessAnimation.vcmx (5.68 MB)

Hi all, sorry to bring up an old thread. Was facing a similar issue. I want to get the Works Resource to to perform animations that simulate the disassembly or working on a turbine engine.

What I managed to get was some hand waving and intermittent movement of turning around. Any ideas on how to achieve the animations stated above without the intermittent turning? Thanks and I’ve attached my file.

HumanTest.vcmx (1.25 MB)

Heya. No worries. You can create simple human movements and postures that model will use when “HumanProcess”-task is triggered from Works Process. These poses are independent postures that You can teach using Human models user interface.

When simulation is paused (or when “CreateTargets” button is pressed) user can move Humans Left and right hand (and feet) targets AND change Human Pelvis positions and skeletal joints from parameters. If You move hand / feet position components, click “Update” to see the effect. When desired position is created, define “Pose” name (like customprocess000) and click “CreatePose”.

This new pose is saved to “Moves” note inside human model (You can see “default” human process movement there). New poses can be created with 3 digit running number and when process is triggered, these poses are used for human animation. Pose animation speed is scaled to match process time.

Pose name + 3digit running number (pose000, pose001…) should have same name than the TaskName in Works Process component.

Hope this helps


Please can you clarify this:

"When simulation is paused (or when “CreateTargets” button is pressed) user can move Humans Left and right hand (and feet) targets "

How do you move the targets? Do you click on the frame and move it? In program, home or modelling?

If I move the hand frame in modelling then it just remains out of place.


You can stay in Home tab, no modelling needed.

Works Human Resource_RightHandTarget (and left hand and feet) are objects generated when You press play in simulation or when You click CreateTargets from Human > Pose.

Right hand target object

Hand orientation after clicking Update


Hope this helps

Can you please explain what Resource_RightHandTarget is?

How do you find it? How do you select it? How do you move it?

There is a link called RightHandTarget but you cannot move it.

There is a frame called RightHandTargetFrame and you can move it in modelling but it just offsets the frame linked to picking up and object.

In the first part. A custom process is created and appears in the text file but calling it as a human process from the work process component doesn’t work. The human does not move at all.


Hand targets are object in 3D space that are created when simulation starts or when You press Pose > Create targets.

These components are created to hand and feet locations and are pretty transparent, so You can either change the 3D World shading or select them from Cell graph.

Pose name + 3digit running number (pose000, pose001…) should have same name than the TaskName in Works Process component == custom process name.

Hope this helps.


I have a question about recalling poses. If you create poses how you can call it again or jump between poses?in general how you can use poses in simulation?


Create the poses with the same name as the task in works. Use HumanProcess task in the works process component.

eCatTroll mentioned about the pose naming this:

“Pose name + 3digit running number (pose000, pose001…) should have same name than the TaskName in Works Process component.”

Meaning if you name your poses like Drill000, Drill001, Drill002, …

And then call human with the task name Drill, it’ll loop thru those poses during the process execution time.

Thanks “eme”. now another question is if I want to reteach the pose of pick up of an object, how i can do that? i tried to play simulation and pause at pick up point and generate a new pose and use “teach carry location”,but nothing is changed!


After human model has pick up a part, pause the simulation, move the part (not hands or pose) to a new location and click “Teach Carry Location”. Next time human pics up a part, this new location is used automatically, and hands follow the part when it is interpolated from the pickup position to human position.


now I make a custom animation of WorksHumanResource. Thanks for the giudelines above. Please advise how to hide Targets while I record video? You know Targets appear only during simulation/recording.

Another issue - some preset poses for WorksHumanResource. WorksHuman v3 had some preset animations, for examle Sit, SittingManualWork. Could you please share the text code for mentioned animations suitable for v5.3?


Targes are created by python script at the start of the simulation, but what You can do is start the simulations, pause it (after e.g. 1 second) and hide all “Target” components from Cell Graph.

Basic process animations are done runtime with python script, so there is no text code for those.

Hope this helps.


please note when you record a video you can’t pause the simulation. So I have to hide the targets while I recording my video. Fortunatly I have some warmup seconds to hide them.

Ok, I’ve built a little animation of Manual Sitting Work but my human stands up after each HumanProcess iteration. Is it possible to make human sitting and working permanently? Please look at my file attached.

Permanent-sitting.vcmx (2.63 MB)

Hi all,

Sorry for bringing up this thread after years,

I’m not able to hold the part closely, I tried to move the part and teachcarrylocation. it is moving the hand position but not the holding grip.

so is there any solution on this?

Thanks for the time.