PTP/Linear motion without deceleration

I need to simulate a hydraulic/servo press slide motion. Depending on the forming sequence the press needs to switch between different speeds depending on the press slide position. I would like these speed transitions to happen without deceleration in between. That means that I want to switch between two different speeds instantly and without the press slide “braking”.

From what I understand it’s not possible in VC to have zero deceleration if the motion doesn’t reach full speed, and a lot of times the press doesn’t reach full speed before it needs to change the speed.

Does anyone have a solution for how to achieve this behavior?

I think if you setup in links deccelaration and acceleration to 0 it automatically gets biggest value (which is high) and that pretty much solves it.

Thank you, that kind of works! When using time instead of speed I can get pretty close to the accurate behavior.