Proposals for updates

All component proposals are welcome!

MachineTending RobotManager:

  • possibility to setup the speeds of the robot similar to the WorksRobot Controller

Component can suspend OnRun by itself.

Is it possible to have a method that can suspend other component OnRun? Or even OnSignal, OnStart, … etc.

Works Library:

Possiblity to priorize Feed/Need-Tasks or possibility to priorize Tasks in general. Therefor every Task need a additional property Priority that can be used in the Works TaskControl when assigning the resources.

OnFinalize: Called after all components are loaded or copied.

Is it possible to separate loaded and copied events?

Sometime they have different actions.

Rendering Component: Individual light sources for rendering which can be placed at different places with options like light or shadow intensity


  • definition of the drop location based on a property of the part (e.g. ProdID )

Anna and Otto to really work in version 4.0

A labor resource with human shape as Anna, Otto or WorksHuman.


for AGVs, an UseIdleToCharge Option and some sort of blocksolving if u use avoidance. Im working on that right now and could send you my working state/ ideas.