Proper way for import models from CAD System?

I tried the model import from CAD (Solidworks 2016) in different ways. However, the model is usually one block and colors doesn’t match.

If the CAD import wouldn’t be a mono block, I could redefine the colors in VC.


Worklflow at the moment:

Model in Solidworks -> Step -> Import to VC


VC Version: 4.0.3 Premium


Screenshots show the actual export as one block and the desired export, which was done with the old VC2014.


Check this.


Could you provide a screenshot of your used CAD import settings?


It’s no option to design complex structures in VC.



Screenshots attached. Unfortunately, german :wink:


It’s no option to design complex structures in VC.

What Chungmin was probably trying to say was probably that you could use the split feature to split those parts of the geometry which have the same color to be able to give them the same color by using assign material.

Screenshots attached. Unfortunately, german ?

I’m german so that’s no problem. Unfortunately I didn’t mean the export settings from SolidWorks but the CAD import settings of Visual Components. Sorry if that was unclear!


Oh, I finally got what Michael need.


Yes, Fleix is right, it’s not about Solidworks exporter settings.

It’s about VC CAD importer settings.


VC CAD importer is very smart, can recognize original CAD tree structure.

All you need to do is to choose the right options in CAD VC importer.


@ Felix, Chungmin

Ok, thanks! I found the “explode” function, which separtes the model. This is what I need.



Where can I find the VC CAD importer settings? It is very interessting for future imports.



Simply click Geometry icon