Programming a mobile manipulator

Happy new year everyone!

I am currently working on a simulation of a mobile manipulator and ran into some problems.

There is a generic articulated robot mounted onto an AGV. This so called mobile manipulator shall drive to and operate at 7 identical workstations. I programmed a similar application with the “Works Library” before. Although it works with Works, very small adaptions can be made to the robot movement. Unfortunately for this project these “random movements” are insufficient, because we are trying to simulate more in detail.

Detailed Problem:

  • Drive to a workstation, take a container, move it to the filling position while the agv stands still , hold it there while it is filled and move it back to its original position when fully filled
  • When I realize this with two works processes and feed - need tasks, the robot grasps the container, places it onto the container and than to the desired station. While doing this the manipulator makes sure, it hits every object in its reach.

One solution I thought of is the adaption of the “Brains-script” of the Works AGV Resource. But before I dive in deep and waste a week or two, maybe some more experienced user can give me some advice.

The seven stations and the tasks to perform are identical. So it should be somehow possible to just tell the mobile manipulator where to go and run a predefined script. Maybe someone has made a similar simulation.

I think thats enough for now. :slight_smile:

Hello again!

Does nobody know how to realize a mobile manipulator?

Is it even possible in visual components at the moment?



not quite sure i understand the whole problem. Does your robot place the container on the agv, moves to the next works process, picks the container and places it on the works process #2? Do you not want the placing of the container on the agv? If so take a look at my project. I did some code-commenting and editing in the brains script. ( l.1013 and l. 1087-1097).

Test.vcmx (276 KB)

Hello pnuser

Have you checked this tutorial before?


Thank you for your replies.

I was really busy with my project the last weeks, but luckily the guys from the VC support could help me out with an easy but sufficient solution.

The way to go here is with works processes and reserve/release resource, human/robot process tasks.

See the example attached.



WorksMobileRobotWithTasks.vcmx (1.47 MB)