Program Gripper

I am currently programming the gripper from my Simulation. I have a gripper with three jaws but i can´t seem to get it to work corretly. How do I Programm the gripper correctlly so the jaws open the right way. Thank you for your help!

. Thank you for your help!

KUKA Sim Pro, I see from the images. No matter since it is modeling question. I would recommend each jaw is its own node/link in component and they are on same level in hierarchy, e.g. immediate level of root node of component. From there, make one jaw be translational or rotational depending if the jaws have to rotate forward to squeeze, and then make the other two jaws translation/rotational followers with the first jaw joint being the driver. It is up to you how you want to locate the offset of each jaw node and which axis and direction to use. The joints of each jaw can be assigned to servo controller, and then you can use the modeling wizards to add any needed EOAT behaviors and/or IO handling to open and close the jaws via robot.

I don’t remember if the eCatalog in KUKA Sim has example gripper that you can use as reference, but the VC eCatalog is filled with them.

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