Production line

Hi everyone,

Someone can help me for these production line :slight_smile:
Roxy_test1_ligne.vcmx (2.8 MB)

I want to assembly cylinders on the Block Geo and after TransportOUT . I have already done a program in the robot#3 and i have used the Define Base Statement to set the reference Base but it doesn’t work and only the cylinder is transporting out .

Can i use tasks with the WP #5 and a robot program in the same time for moving components?

For this line ,

test1_rokhaya.vcmx (4.3 MB)

I have this error message ,

[ Inline Process #2::ProcessExecutor__HIDE__::PickCube::Transport Out error: Failed to determine the next process group for the Product.]

While The next process group is defined as being the robot so i don’t understand this error message .

Thank you in advance.