Product Resource Location on Process Node

When I try to create a product on a resource location it automatically goes to some other spot in the layout (maybe because the coordinates of assembly are like that).

How do I ensure that the parts are always created on top of the process node?

Please help.

Did you model your own process Node?
If yes, did you define a Location in the ComponentContainer of your component?
Thats should be the location where Create-statement wil locate the product.


I did not model my own process node…

The problem is I define the coordinates of my assembly, then it works fine on one process node, but as the product moves down the conveyor to another process node, it never really reaches that node, rather it stays behind.

There is a property to modify when a product stops on a conveyor when entering a transport node. By default, I think it is set to leading edge. You can change that to origin so that the product stops in the center.

Thanks for your help Este, this definitely helped me.

I just want to know one more thing which is when I create a product on a process node it is not creating directly on top of the process node rather at some other location. This is kind of strange as it has not happened before. Can you please help me with that?

As in the image you can see that the part is created inside the conveyor somewhere. I know I can change the frame/coordinates of the product/assembly that are being created (because then it changes properties for when I want to create the same product at another location, but I have never done this with other layouts as it automatically creates that part on top of the process node.

I think it should create the product origin at the specified frame.
You can adjust this either by moving the component origin or adding OriginFrame offset in the product properties.

Note that when you modify the component that the product type is referencing, you need to select some other componentUri and then select the original Uri again in order to see the component changes.

I had the same problem when I import a step model. In step modell was coordinate system already far away from modell. By opening in “Feeder” it takes the modell axis.
In this case make a new component, make a copy of the modell in component and place (move) it direct to coordinate system.