product orientation different from "TeachLocation" When do "Need" Task

hello guys,

when i used vc 4.1 works library occured a problem that the product orientation works human put on the process was different from the teached location while on a Feed-Need task.

Has anyone ever had this problem?

product_orientation_different_from_TeachLocation_When_do_Need_Task-.vcmx (554 KB)

Hi BaiYang,

Uncheck “KeepProdOrientation” under “Advanced” tab of the Works Process having the Need.

That option is enabled by default and is used to avoid rotation of the product when picking up or placing into the process (does not apply to Works Robot Controller). When enabled, only the location is respected in the process, not orientation.

For example the human has a default orientation and location (frame) for carried components and when e.g. picking up, the component might have totally different orientation in the process relative to the human location, this typically leads to unnatural movement of the product. That’s why this option was introduced.


I see.

thank you very much.