Product not assembling

I have now spent hours trying to create pink product on the left and transport it out to the green box on the right which is an assembly with the green box as the parent step and the pink product as the child step. No matter what technique I use, this doesn’t seem to work. The cardboard box in brown is transported in, the pink product is created but it doesn’t transport out to the green box where it needs to be assembled.

Are assemblies so hard to learn? What am I missing?
How is everyone else learning these things? By one on one trainings from visual components?


You should probably share your layout if you want help here.
Without the layout, you don’t know where which process is located, what the overall flow of parts is, how the products were defined in product type editor.

In addition, your picture already shows that there are a few error messages in your layout, see output.

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Sure…Here you go…
Test2.vcmx (6.4 MB)

Some errors are related to this. But others are not related to this. The ones related to this make no sense to me.

And also here, some pink products are put into the green boxes and put onto the conveyer while some products are put onto the Trolley and and sent to the effimat machine for storage.

If you want to place the parts in green KLT, then the flow of these parts must also be correct, the parts are in the following flow group, I didn’t see the process steps and transport link here (in picture I already extend this steps)

As you can see in my picture, it worked now, Anna picks and places the parts in the KLT :wink:

there was also a error message for this in output panel :wink:

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Oh no…I have been trying everything from morning and spent about 8 hours today figuring this out.