process modelling skipping sendsignals

First time trying out sendsignals and waitsignals so quite unsure about it.
I have an issue where in the recievingsku, it is not sending the signal over to the movingsku which the while loop will just keep looping. I have attached the photo of my process editor. Please advice, thank you

Check that the WaitTrigger option is set correctly:

I have set the WaitTrigger option correctly. But it it still skipped the second SendSignal that i circled. Please advice. Thank you.

Seems you have specified a timeout value in the WaitSignal statement, so the process execution will just move on after that amount of simulation time has passed.

Is it possible for it to loop until the SendSignal is called? since I can only either detach all of my SKU or one only but I want a specific number to be detached.

You can’t send any signal from within the TransportPatternIn statement, nor wait until the Transported out product has arrived to its final destination, so the sender needs to know up-front how many to detach and use a for-like loop (while loop with a counter and a break-statement) to do that.

You could pass this information (how many to detach) using an integer signal.

I changed my PM to not use SendSignals and WaitSignals and it worked for SKU1. However, when I set up a new process for SKU2 to SKU4 on the process node, it came out an error “Process Node #2::ProcessExecutor__HIDE__::Process #1::Transport Out error: Product’s sku4 state within its flow sequence is lost.” Please advise. Thank you.