Process modelling Robot work

I want to make a cell where a robot does some work.
The modelling works fine, and I can select the robot controller in the Work statement.
When I run the simulation, everything works, till that work-statement.
There is no error printed in the output.

Can someone explain me why it does not work, or show me a work around?
Thanks in advance

WorkRobot.vcmx (2.9 MB)

Hi mschamp,

The Robot Controller does not support the Work Statement yet.
We are working on this and hopefully this functionality will be added soon. We are also adding more statements to control the robot routines and signals from Process Modeling in the coming patch.

Thanks for the quick response.
Can you give an indication about the timeline for that patch? (will it be weeks, months, years ?)

WorkStatement_RC.vcmx (2.4 MB)

Here is a simplified version.




Thanks for the example @Popeye

So i added some if people needs this feature.

When you connect a robot to controller. It creates a ProgramRoutine named ‘Process’ automaticly in robot program. And when ‘Work’ task is called from process executor ‘Process’ routine runs.

WorkStatement_RC_v2.vcmx (3.2 MB)

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