Process modelling Pallet assembly

I’ve been using visual components (Delfoi Premium 4.3) for a a couple of weeks and have been try to learn the process modelling. I have followed all the basic tutorials but for some reason I cannot get this assemly to be filled despite getting the first one to work.

I’ve attached my layout below.

Muffin Tray Test V3.vcmx (700.6 KB)

The process is as follows:

  • Tray feeder creates trays and conveyor sends to process node (process #1).
  • Adjacent feeder feeds “cups” to conveyor then to from conveyor process.
  • Process #1 uses Scara robot to transport in cups to assembly
  • assembled tray is transported to from conveyor process
  • 6 axis robot loads assembly into “press”
    *“press” removes product in (assembly) and creates “pressed tray” as product in
  • 6 axis robot transfers to conveyor process
  • product in to label machine
    *label machine changes product type to “labelled tray”
  • transport out to from conveyor process

This is where i get stuck. I’ve created another assembly “pallet assy” which contains a sheet, boxes and the trays. I try to create that on top of the waiting pallet with a process node then use the same get assembly and transport in to process the assembly but the robot just wont recognise the trays need to go in.

Can anyone please have a look and see what I’m doing wrong?
I think that I’m using the flow groups or variable names wrong but there arent any exaples for processing multiple assemblies in one layout that i can see.



The product type “Labelled Tray” needs to be in the same flow group as the transport from conveyor to pallet feed. Also some changes are needed to the process routine (see the image). I hope this helps.