Process Modelling - Depalletize with Pallet Out

I am trying to simulate a depalletizing operation.
Full pallets are fed into the system - at the depalletize (process node) - boxes are singulated - after which the robot is supposed to pick the pallet and drop it on the outfeed conveyor.

For some reason, the 1st iteration of the simulation runs correctly - but throws multiple errors after the last step and gets stuck there.

Any advice on how to get the pallet to be picked and placed on the outfeed conveyor once the depalletization operation is done using process modeling?
Below is the link to the VC layout.

Depal with pallet out_Reviewed1.vcmx (549.2 KB)

To me the process was looking OK, and the pallet was placed in the outfeed. However, the transport out was not triggering correctly and I don’t know why.

You can modify the process to send the pallet as an assembly. This way I did not get any errors.

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Thanks Este!
This works perfectly now without any errors.