Process modeling

There is a storage warehouse here. How can you use the process editor to move the goods from one side to the other with the process editor like the robot hand next to it?
Thanks in advance.

2.vcmx (22.3 MB)


I think you need to follow these steps:

  • Model your cranes like stacker crane in process modeling library.
  • Model your Racks like buffer in process modeling library.
    Then you can create a flow.

Can you give me a link to study materials in this area, I haven’t used the new version of stacker and buffer.

This is a hard one…

Buffer is easy you can just model it like the same one in library. For those you can check also academy processs modeling tutorials.

Crane is run by python code. So you need to create a python script for it to run. But in your case it might be little bit hard. But for studing you can start with academy again.
Then you can move on to Help PythonAPI section to learn more about it.