Process modeling - transport multiple products at once

Hi everyone,
I just started to work with V4.3 and process modeling. Now I was wondering if it’s possible to transport two components in one transport process.

The layout should look somehow like this:

The feeder create some cylinders which are transported to the “FromConveyorProcess”, there the robot pick up the cylinders (if possible two at once) and place them in an assembly order on a pallet with a “ProcessNode”.

I was able to grasp two cylinders at one picking order (action signals) but then the process doesn’t know that the robot transports two cylinders.
I’m also starting to modeling a double gripper for pick up two components, but first I have to know if it’s even possible to transport two cylinders in one process.


Hi @patste

The resource now have a property for transport capacity. This enables one resource to pick and carry multiple products at a time.

The ol’ and reliable method of attaching multiple products to one parent product and then transporting the parent is also supported.

Hi Este

Thanks for your answer.
I set the capacity in the resource property, activate multigrasp on the robot. But even then only one component will be transported. I think the problem is somewhere at the “FromConveyorProcess” because I’ve got there only one product in and wait until an other is behind the first one but not transported in.

So I did it with the old method of attaching multiple products to the robot and the pic task works. Unfortunately, at the place task the assembly order see only one component.


Good question.
As the assembly feature is still quite new I don’t know if multi-transport is possible or not.
At least the old way of attaching parts to a pallet should work this way, but I have not used the assembly method with multi-transport.

Maybe the two cylinders could be a sub-assembly that is assembled at the conveyor? This sub-assembly is then transported to the pallet.
Try contacting technical support if you can’t find any other solution.

Yeah I tried to an assembly at the conveyor, but the problem is that the components don’t reach the “ProcessNode” because they block eachother.
I think, I will do it with the “old method” and ask the support for this problem.

Thanks anyway!

Hello. Make sure that in Your assembly, You have parallel slots in step (with same index number) as otherwise, only one slot at a time is needed / transported in. In attached example, Your approach works correctly.PickMultipleCrane.vcmx (954.4 KB)