process moddeling indexing table

hi all

I’m trying to model an indexing table with components getting added on multiple stations by robots. I managed to get the first component placed on all the stations and the first of the second component type. when the second of the second component type is picked, the robot claims the position it tries to add the component is out of reach. when i implemented the third robot, it throws the same error when trying to place the first of the 3rd type of components.

on the right of the included screenshot are the details of the process. it is duplicated 6 times on each of the nodes.

also note in the top right, ProductPositionFrame and ResourcePositionFrame are set to Station1. I had copy pasted this to all 6 processes. the problems described above are with this copy paste error present. after i fixed this mistake by first setting them to their respective station and later setting them to null, even the first component couldn’t be placed anymore. after reverting everything to station1, it worked again as discribed above.

any help with this would be appreciated

How are your transport links defined? I’m guessing the transport task might be going to wrong robot transport controller and thus its robot can’t reach the point.

Also if all of your processes are independently rotating the table without any synchronization it will just result in chaos.

i figured it out. the copy paste mistake was indeed a mistake. but somehow with only one component it still worked.

all 6 processes started at once. a random process was selected first. because all the processes had station 1 as the productlocation, the robot appeared to place it on station 1, but is was on a different node. this caused the problems


fix the copy paste mistake

make a variable ‘Pos’. this hold the index of the position currently at the first robot. add a WaitPropertyCondition in each process for its respective position. set the initial value of Pos to 1. now only the station at the first robot asks for the first component. set Pos to the next value.