Process flow with physical components

I made a small sorting process which I can control with my PLC, working with physics components. Once sorted I want to be able to use process flow to transport the components with a robot or AGV. The problem is that whenever I use the flow component : “from conveyor” and I make the process steps, it will say that it cant determine the next process group ( Transport in source = component container) or when I put the source on previous process nothing happens which is normal. So it should be component container in my eyes. The transport out source is on “next process”, because when this is also on component container the product gets destroyed.

Probably in the “From Conveyor” process you receive a product of type that belongs to Flow Group #1 instead, and that doesn’t have a flow sequence defined that goes through the “From Conveyor” process.

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Thank you so much, I thought I had to make 2 different flow groups and I just copied the product from Flow 1 to Flow 2, but this solves it.