Process Flow Editor for Single Product Across Multiple Parallel Flows

I have a process where I would like to feed 1 product type down 3 parallel lines. The distribution between the three lines is even. Each line has a different number of process nodes and branches accordingly:

How would I arrange the flow steps in the Process Flow Editor?

File attached.

ExampleFile.vcmx (42.6 KB)

As base principle, if your processes achieve the same operation on the product they should be the same process (have same name), so use same processes in all your branches if applicable.

You can also have alternative processes in same flow steps, but in the step sequence needs to be the same for all your parallel lines. If it is not, you would need to change the product type once a “line” is chosen for the product and have different sequences. You can then change the type to something else again before your lines merge.

It is also possible to essentially disregard the flow sequence per product using custom logic in processes with the Set next process and associated statements. Even more extensive manipulation and complete flow control can be done from the Python API such that maybe in extreme case you don’t have any flow sequence at all, yet the products go through processes using custom logic.

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