Problems with Works Library Model


I was following the “Works Library - Basics of Task Creation” tutorial but, for some unknown reason, before the Generic robots executes the “Feed” task, the simulation pauses and, after restarting it, it does not picks the tires from the pallet to place it in the second conveyor.

I’ve already compared my model to the model “Task Creation - End” available on the tutorial and haven’t found any differences. Am I missing something obvious?

ThanksTask Creation - Failing.vcmx (3.6 MB)

Hy Lucanoto,

The Simulation stops/pauses because you’re requested picking point is unrechable for the robot tcp. Maybe you make the Robot bigger or put fewer tyres on the pallet.

Greets Max

Hey Max, thanks!

I could have noticed it if I had the output window open hahaha
Lesson learned

The console is your friend :wink: