Problems with push conveyors and paths

I have two conveyorbelts side by side and I want to transfer some products from the mainline to the sideline and then later transfer them back with push conveyors. Right now I have couple problems. The first pusher works but the product won’t always enter the path on the other conveyor correctly and I don’t know why that happens. The second pusher doesn’t work at all for some reason. I’m also having trouble creating two different paths for the last conveyor. I added another path to it and made frames for input and output but the input and output points won’t appear in the simulation so I can’t connect the path to anything. I attached the layout and also a picture where I have drawn the two routes I would like to have for the products.pusherConveyorTest.vcmx (89.2 KB)

Terve @ceppo

I think the second pusher expects that there is a conveyor connected to the output at a 90-degree angle. There should also be just a path behavior and nothing fancy like a flow proxy by default.

I used a merging conveyor for the second pusher to get the pushing to work. However, I had to touch up the python code to make sure that the correct path gets the part.

Also modified the pushing distance to be a bit higher to make the boxes move on the center of the conveyor.
pusherConveyorTest2.vcmx (148.4 KB)

Thank you! It works great.