Problem with Merged Conveyor


I wanted to model a merged conveyor with two inputs and one output. My problem is that the product enters the conveyor but doesn’t go out.

MergedConveyor.vcmx (86.6 KB)

There is a standard merging conveyor in the library:
Try adjusting the parameters to fit your usecase:

MergedConveyorStandard.vcmx (136.5 KB)

Thank you for your response. This solution works good for what I need.

In case I wanted to do this X-merged conveyor to be two way path. How should I do it? I understand I will have to change the single path to two way path:


Is there anything alse I will have to change?

Thanks in advanced


I tried to do a two way conveyor with the layout. I only wanted to do it for two of the paths, but I got the following errors:

Can anyone tell me what kind of error are those?

TwoWaysMergedConveyorStandard.vcmx (78.6 KB)