Problem with installation of Premium 4.2/Layout does not open

Goodday everyone,

I am as newest as you can be in the VC community, so new that i am still figuring out how to properly install the software.

The problem that I have is that even if the installation is completed successfully as I launch the SW, I can’t see anything on the 3d world, just a dark grey background. No layout grid is automatically opened and even by importing some layout the problem stays.

As an output i get “could not read manifest file”
My graphic driver are both an Intel HD Graphics 530 and an AMD Fire Pro W2100 which i guess should be allright for the task.
Also, i have already tried reinstalling it.

If anyone had the same problem would be nice to have some tipps.
Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

Some AMD graphics cards have had such driver issues in the past. Try updating the drivers if you haven’t already.