Problem with forklift

Now when I got that previous problem solved and learned to make components to products I have following issue:

The forks rise too high. And when the forklift picks up the roll it’s transferred to right position. I’m guessing it’s because that converter is so high. But if I drop it down the roll don’t stay on conveyor because the Origin is in the middle of roll. Any ideas what should I do next?

Why is the roll’s origin in the middle, why not on bottom surface?

Forklift.vcmx (2.1 MB)

Hi @juhahai!

It’s on the middle because I generate initial warehouse using roll wich is 100x50 (LxR) and I change those in creation process and I haven’t found python command for moving the origin.

You can set OriginFrame in Product Type, but conveyors won’t use that.

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See in the demo rolls’ feature trees.

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