Press Bending Simlulation


I am trying a simulation for Press bending machine, having 3D model of machine + UR10e.
Problem Statement:
When robot places the sheet inside the bending machine, the bed is crossing the sheet metal part, theoretically the bending machine will change the shape of sheet to 45 degree tilt but in simulation its not happening.

Is it possible to achieve that scenario in VC simulation?

Hi @Karan
Yes its possible. Just create a property that changes your components sheet metal angle. Then change that property by your bending machine while its working.

Hi @ozan

Can you guide which property to select on both sides? to make it happen


Hi @Karan
There isnt such a property. You need to create those properties in order to use it for bending operation.

Hello Ozan,

Do you mean creating a Python Scripting to do that? If yes, then still I need some guidance how to do

thanks for your understanding


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Hello @ozan

I have created, Angle property using Python with constraints as below, hope this correct
But now i am stuck how to use in the bending machine.

from vcScript import *

comp = getComponent()
prop = comp.getProperty(“Angle”)
if not prop:
prop = comp.createProperty(VC_REAL, “Angle”, VC_PROPERTY_LIMIT)

prop.MinValue = 0.0
prop.MaxValue = 150.0
prop.Value = 45.0