Post Processing tutorial request

We had a tutorial about post processing of universal robot from server to simulation direction. I tried to do reverse “simulation to server” so while I run simulation in visual component I can monitor the program online in real robot too which means the start trigger is from visual component not teach pendant. What kind of variables should be paired together?or is it possible I can have short tutorial about it?


Thanks a lot

See Help > Tasks > Connectivity > Universal Robots RTDE Plugin: Supported data types or the Address Space or Input Mask Variables sections.


I paired the RTDEINTERFACE with joint variable target-q output, but when I run simulation in visual component I don’t see anything in robot itself.

Sorry, I misread your post. You are trying to update the robot in PolyScope when you interact with robot in 3D world?

First, I directly use UR teach pendants not virtual polyscope.I want to run simulation from VC and update robot in real time

I think that the connection between VC and PolyScope or the UR teach pendant is not designed for what you want to do. As far as I know you can only control the robot within VC from PolyScope or the UR teach pendant, but not the other way arround.

VC can import the joint values from PolyScope or the UR teach pendant, but there is no signal suitable to export the joint values from VC to PolyScope or the UR teach pendant. That’s why I don’t think it’s possible.

Does it just happen for UR robots or I will face same issue with ABB robots for example too?

There is no add-on to connect a ABB controller to VC as far as I know - or at least there is nothing official. So I would guess it’s not possible with ABB either.

how can I connect my polyscope to the robot and make the simulation works in real time on UR?

If you want the simulation to run in real time, click the Gear icon in simulation controls, and then set Simulation Mode to Real Time.

If you have completed the UR RTDE tutorial and read through the “Universal Robots RTDE Plugin” topic in Help as well as the “Accessing Connectivity feature” topic, then make sure the Timeout of connection is what you need and also check the Cyclic Update Interval of your variable groups. There will, of course, be some latency. The RTDE plugin allows you to send data at a preferred rate to controller, but the controller will send data at a fixed rate of 125Hz.

@mortezadianatfar I’m confused, are you trying to let the virtual robot move in real time or do you still want the real robot to be driven by the simulation?

If you want to let the robot to be driven by the simulation - this is not possible as I wrote in this post.

What you would need is the robot code for the controller. Have a look at the thread Post Processor (with sample translators). This is an addon to create robot code. Fortunately for you there is a translator for universal robot included. After exporting the code you will get a *.script file which you can transfer to your UR controller. You will need to add a script statement in the program and then select the *.script file which should be called in that statement.

Have a look at this video: Simulate Universal Robots with RTDE Connection