PM Missions

There is a new feature called Missions in the VC 4.7. It can be utilized with the Mission Controller component from PM Navigation collection.

Mission Controller

A mission define a set of steps that are executed by a PM resource in the specified order.
Missions-tab has a user interface to define missions.

How to use

Connect the component with “Interfaces” tool to a transport controller.
Go to Missions tab and define a new mission.

There are to options to define missions:

  1. Use the properties; drop-down menus, buttons and fields.
  2. Use the Note that defines the missions in JSON-format.

Key properties

Enabled = defines whether the mission is executed or not.
Activator = defines what will trigger the mission to start.
DelayBetween = When Activator is set to Repeated, a new occurrence is started after the time defined by DelayBetween has elapsed from the moment the previous occurrence was completed.
Recurring, RecureEvery = if set as recurring, a new instance of a scheduled mission is started in the defined time interval RecureEvery.
Occurences = the maximum number of repeated or recurring mission instances in total.

PM Missions Reference Guide_01-06-2023.pdf (497.2 KB)