PLC connection for online monitoring

Could you, please, help me - is it possible to connect PLCs to VC to get the onlin emonitoring of what is actually happens on production floor?
Is there anyone who has done that already?

What communication protocols do the PLCs support, and are those PLCs internet facing?

The PLCs in project are from Siemens.

Okay. Using OPC UA is one option. The S7 connectivity plugin supports TCP/IP over the internet so that is also an option.

Have you already done this?
We had projects when we were connecting PLC to VC and were giving commands from VC to PLC.
But we have never done the tast that is vice versa - gather data from PLC to VC in real time.

I have, yes. One thing to stress is VC is discrete event simulation NOT real time simulation. There is no time synchronize supported in the current OPC UA and S7 plugins either. If you need consultation on setting this up, I would suggest contacting VC support to get in touch with the right person.

Thank you for the information!