PLC connection doesn't turn on physics conveyor

In my visual components program, I connected a s7-1200 PLC to it with PLC-Sim. All the sensor readings that are comming from the simulation to the server are looking good, but when I want to turn on a conveyor from the server to the simulation, nothing happends. I also can’t turn on the conveyor by triggering the boolean by hand. How can I solve this problem?

Can you post some more information? How is the conveyor turned on/off in the simulation?

I want to turn it off and on by using the boolean signal, but when I turn it on, it immediately turns off by it self

Are you using some standard conveyors from the eCatalog, or did you model the conveyor yourself?
Maybe there is a python script that toggles to power off?

Thanks for the response, but the problem is fixed. There was a bug in the PLC script.