Placing parts on conveyor

Hello, this may be a simple fix but I’m not sure exactly how to get there as i am fairly new to programming, I have a simple layout robot picks a part from a conveyor and places it on a process and needs to be placed on a conveyor, The robot places the part in the center of the conveyor i need it to be placed more to the bottom end of the conveyor
If anyone can help or point me in a direction of videos or material that will help me out that would be appreciated

If you are using robot programming, then you can freely control where the robot moves and where it drops off the part on the conveyor.
For Process Modeling, the robot needs to have a set destination frame. In a simple case, you can create a new frame at the correct height and then give it some offset to the side. Finally set the TransportIn ProductPositionFrame parameter to use this new frame.

Simple example layout attached:
Conveyor_side_example.vcmx (1.2 MB)