Place in program(without task) to work process box

Hi All!

Can I place a product in robot program to “work process” and then starting tasks with the object?

I want make the program manual (not feed/need/pick/place task) but when put the box on the work process, that moves like a conveyor, not make the task process(change ID or something)


I hope it helps you.

test.vcmx (1.29 MB)


Thaks for the answer, but in your attached layout, you place the box to the second “work process” and the box moving like thats on conveyor.

But I want, the placed box don’t move and the task of the second work process (where I placed the box) start the tasks. Like "Place"task without “Pick” task

If the robot movement is not complicated, I prefer to use “WorksRobotController 5.2” and “Fed / Need” to complete the move or not use the Works Process.

In the layout,

First, I use IRB_120 as a relay

For the second program, I used the “work process” as a relay, but I needed to offset the origin by a little mm.

(“HumanProcess” c is replaced by “delay”)

test_v2.vcmx (3.72 MB)