Pickrate Distribution

For my Bachelor Thesis i am currently working with a Visual Components Trial License.
For my project i have several Workstation with at least 2 different types of material.

I need to define a Pickrate for each Material at the Workstation. in my example its 27% for the Red Boxes and 73% for the white Boxes.

How is it possible to make this work? Thanks in advance - Miguel

Thesis_1.vcmx (54.8 KB)

Hi @Miguf

I think best way to solve this is modeling a new component that creates a true or false signal with your distrubition rates, every time you trigger that new component.
So you can listen from your feeder stations for that created signal. If its True send Red Box, if its False send White Box. You can use WaitForSignal task for that inside your feeder stations.

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Thanks for your answer, i will try to do that