Picking Process Syncing Help

Hello All,

I have a fairly easy process that I need help cleaning up.

The process should be:

  1. A Tote with 4 cylinders arrives at a work process
  2. A Human takes out the cylinders onebyone into their workstation
  3. The human also takes the tote and stacks it on another works process
  4. After doing some simulated work in the station, the human then loads a shelf (not shown on the video) onebyone with the 4 cylinders
  5. The cycle should repeat once all 4 cylinders are in the shelfThe code is as follows:
    1. WP1: Receives Totes:
      1. Need:Tote333 Split:RT111 ChangeID:RT111:HMI111 ChangeID:Tote333:Tote444 Feed:HMI111,HMI111,HMI111,HMI111:Human_WS:::True:True:5 Feed:Tote444:Human_WS2:::True:True:1
          <li style="list-style-type: none;">
            <li style="list-style-type: none;">
              <li style="list-style-type: none;">
  • WP2: receives empty totes:
    • Need:Tote444
  • 3. WP3: The Worstation :


    1. WP4-WP6: The Shelfs: (each has this code)



    Please let me know the changes I need to make to make the process work accordingly, would be nice to know how to change the human’s hands when lifting the tote

    ToteHelp.avi (4.42 MB)