Picking from Bowl Feeder

Hello, can someone explain to me how I can pick parts out of a bowl feeder with a Scara robot?
I have attached a From Conveyor process to the bowl feeder and connected it to my buffer and the whole movement should happen by robot.

However, my problem is that I don’t have a sequence group for the product in the bowl feeder, so I don’t think it will work, how do I proceed here?

Thank you very much

has anyone an idea or some tips?

Thank you

Can you share the file?

Thank you :slight_smile:

TestFeederBowl.vcmx (291.6 KB)

Can not figure it out, sorry!


I can’t open your file and I believe it’s due to how you saved it.

Can you include components when you save the file? and one trick I have done in the past is i delete any component that enters the node and replace it with an identical part that is in my product tab. I would have to take a look at this case to see if its still applicable since it has been a long time since i have done that.

Ok, here is a new file.
Left side with normal feeder everything works.
Right side with bowl feeder nothing works. :confused:

BowlFeeder I NormalFeeder_Test.vcmx (193.7 KB)


The problem over here seems to be that bowl feeder is generating components not products.


Swap the component creator to product creator behaviour, configure it (set output and input in similar manner as in component creator), and reattach the from conveyor process. Then check whether your robot can reach the points (I had to move the robot a bit)


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unfortunately i do not have access to the modeling tab because of my version.

can you please upload me a file with customized bowl feeder only that would be nice, then i can load it into my model

thank you very much