Pick and place in the same location - Variety of parts


I want to process at least 10 -15 different types of parts which are arranged in different pattern and quantity on the trays.
The robot should pick the part and place it back in the same location after a process.

I have tried with TransportIn in combination with GetAssembly statements on the tray to place the part but was not successful.

Is there a standard way I could do it once for one type of tray which will automatically apply to all the rest 14 other types of products - trays. ?


This is exactly my problem too. Any solutions for pick & place at same position??

Have you seen the pallet recycling template layout?

I think this could be a good example for you to check.
You can find it in the eCatalog inside the Layout Templates folder. The name is Assembly - Pallet Recycling.
I think it should be in VC 4.4 and newer versions.

Yes but that is not the same procedure. I want robot to put a part in a machine. Pick it up when the machine is done and turn it 180 degrees and put it back in the same machine (position).

Ah… You’re right. Maybe you could do this with two processes. Alternatively, you could try a similar approach as how dual gripper systems work.

I made a test in VC 4.5. It does not have a robot, but it can rotate the part.
rotate_part_test.vcmx (496.1 KB)

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Thanks for the Feedback Este.

I actually tried another way -
Used send a signal command at the processing node to the robot only to grasp (ReserveResource) and release (ReleaseResoursce) the part. Where actual part is held by robot for the process.

At pick and place locations Used command TransportOut / TransportIn as Process an assembly without the variable - “AssemblyOrder” .

Now I could change the product type only at feeder and the robot automatically picks up any part from the tray and places it back of any kind of pattern.

Hope it helps ! @SeTr