Pick and place from a work place to another work place.

I have tried following this video example several times and exactly to how it’s shown. However my robot will not move. The link below is what I am trying to do. Move a component from one work place to another work place.


I hope some can help me ASAP.


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Could you please attach the layout file?

what i want to do is my material picked by the robot from the conveyer on the left. i want the robot to place the material in the machines for a mill op (the 3 in a row side).

Once the op has complete in the three machines i should have a new material size as its been machine. how do i do this ?

I then would like the robot to pick from the three machines and place into the two machines (row of two machines) for a seperate op. i will need to some how time it so the 3 machines are in sync with timing with the two machines. my plan is to make the two machines a drilling op so they wont take much time, hence why i have two.

i would then like the robot to take the new material (which i need to add in again somehow) and place on the conveyer to the right.

I hope this makes sense

this is kind o urgent so i would greatly appreciate your help.


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file-for-visual-components.vcmx (1.09 MB)

it will be better to have one machine rather than two ?

forget my last comment.


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Please watch and follow the tutorial instructions with greater care.

You’re using Machine Tending Robot Manager instead of Works Robot Controller for instance.

Also the machines are designed for Machine Tending not for Works Library use.

please kindly indicate what mill machine i am to use then ? The file attached is not mine, but it worked ok with tending machines?


i appreciate your help.


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Example.vcmx (8.1 MB)

If you like to use Works library, use the machines under Models By Type/Works or Models By Type/Machines.