Pick and Place different Shapes

I would like to know if it is possible to have multiple shapes fed onto a conveyor and have robots pick up an assigned shape. Is there like a sensor which would tell me what object shape is passing through it, so I can signal it to my robot?

Hi @Soham

Have you checked the course ‘Python Robotics’ in the Academy? (Python Robotics - Programming a Robot with Python | Visual Components Academy)

I think if you go through the lessons you will learn the necessary skills to pick parts with a robot.

Yeah I did, but I need something like if the shape is a cylinder it needs to be picked ONLY by a delta robot but if it is a cube it needs to be picked by a different one and ignored by the delta.
I could not find anything which would let me differentiate between the shapes of the objects fed onto the conveyor.
I tried changing the behavior of the sensor to meet my need but I was not able to do that either.
If there is something which would help me do that that’ll be great. Thanks!

You can simply write the “type” of the component to a property value in the component, then have a component sensor and a script which receives the component signal. The script can then, read the property value from the component that triggered the sensor and do something with that information.

Things like routing rules, various sensor-type components in the eCat, Process Modeling processes etc. can also utilize such property values.

Yeah this is exactly what I need.
Is there an example of this somewhere of how I can modify script to read the type of product.
I assume i have to change the behavioral properties of the pick and place conveyor i am using.
But an example would be great.