Physics elevator

Hello All!!

I’m looking to model a lifter (lifter plate “attached” to a linear actuator) with physics but when I put some load in the lifter plate it beds (without any load it acts like I want).

I’m using a physic joint between the plate and the mover in the actuator with all DOF fixed.

Can anyone explain what I’m doing wrong? Or there is another way to do it better?

In attachment you can find the layout and one image of the lifter with and without the load.


Physics-elevator.vcmx (1.26 MB)

Without opening the layout, are the Physics Entities using Kinematic physics type? And two nodes that are coupled together by the Physics Joints, does each node have a Physics Entity?

The linear actuator link has a Physics Entity with Kinematic type and the “lifter plate” has Physics Entity with In Physics type.

Regarding the Physics Joints, in the example available in my first post only one node has the Physics Joints but I already tested with the Physics Joints in both components but the result is the same (new layout attached).

And why it seems to be working fine without the load, even without Physics Joints in both nodes, when the configuration is the same?

Physics-elevator-1.vcmx (1.24 MB)

Hi RCosta,

You don’t need to apply physics to the lifter with the servo at all.

Just Attach the car/container (KEMET) to the moving link in the lifter and apply Physics entity of type #Kinematic to the car (KEMET).

Check out the attachment for an example.


Happy weekend!

Physics_lift_example1.vcmx (54 KB)

Thanks for your support!!!

Now it’s working just like we need. And yes, I had to attach the container to the moving link.